How PetproBio Works

PetproBio is a pre-probiotic food supplement for your pet, which can help to increase appetite, feed conversion & maintain well-being & the level of resistance of your animals.

“You are what you eat”, which is why we only process pure, natural raw materials. Your pet’s health depends on its care & food. With PetproBio you can make a valuable contribution to the overall health, vitality & wellbeing of your pet.

Once PetproBio is in the digestive system it encourages and aids friendly bacteria to start to multiply, suppressing growth of unhealthy, undesirable & pathogenic bacteria.  Promoting healthy bacteria in the gut greatly reduces the capacity for disease-causing bacteria to flourish. Gradually harmful bacteria will be crowded out as friendly bacteria populate the lining of the bowel where pathogenic bacteria would normally attach & multiply.  PetproBio ensures friendly bacteria are given the best chance to compete for common nutrients thereby reducing the chances of unwanted bacteria multiplying.

According to practical reports, positive microorganisms are cultivated in the gut thus maintaining the immune system & the animal’s resistance. Vitality increasing & cost saving effects of PetproBio (FHE) are reported from experience:

  • Your pets’ immune systems and resistance are improved.
  • Fewer metabolism problems occur (as often observed during molting).
  • A glossy, even coat is formed with healthy skin and reduced irritation.
  • Better digestion and solid healthy stools and reduced odor thanks to the stable gut flora.
  • Animals can become quieter and more balanced.

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