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Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

By January 27, 2016Feedback
petprobio reviews

We have had two dogs on PetproBio for three weeks:

Eric a 13 year old Whippet/Jack Russel cross. His owner had died and he clearly hadn’t been able to care for the dog for a while, Eric’s coat was really greasy, scruffy and smelly, nails long and brittle, stools soft and “unpleasant” smelling, he had a generally poor demeanour too. Other than one bath when he arrived he had no other treatment. Within a couple weeks his coat was feeling soft, smooth, clean and with a real shine, we had cut his nails and they were not growing out brittle, stools perfect. Best of all he had developed a real bounce to his step, seemed much happier in himself and went to a new home a few days ago.

Bobby 2 year old medium mongrel came in via the dog warden having been kept in poor conditions and starved, skinny, poor stools and hair loss over body.  He has had a couple of medicated baths and, following several tests, we are thinking the hair loss is related to malnutrition, stress or allergy. He is on vet prescribed allergy food along with the PetproBio. His stools are perfect, he is putting on weight and his skin seems healthier with soft fur growth starting to show.
Generally we use supplements when dogs need a “helping hand” to restore health and I would certainly use the PetproBio again and recommend to people to try if they are looking for an overall boost to support their dog’s health – plus the dogs were more than happy to eat it which helps!
Val, Kennel Manager

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