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PetproBio 250ml


PetproBio – “Liquid vitality” – a daily dose of goodness for your pet

PetproBio is a tasty, natural pre-probiotic feed additive for your pet’s health & overall vitality. Added daily to the feed, it can help with digestive issues, improve skin condition and coat shine, immunity and resistance and aid metabolic efficiency.

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Product Description

PetproBio – “Liquid vitality” – a daily dose of goodness for your pet

What is PetproBio:
PetproBio is a tasty, all-natural & effective pre-probiotic liquid fermented herb extract feed additive for pet’s health & overall vitality. Each 5ml serving of PetproBio will help support & maintain an healthy digestion and immune function. A single batch takes up to three months to produce and on-going development spans over 30 years of research.

PetproBio is monitored by advanced DNA technology & is made from pure, natural raw materials using Organic (AT-BIO-301) herbs. Guaranteed GMO free, no artificial colours, attractants, flavours or preservatives. All herbs are Certified Organic and GM free.

PetproBio can aid:

  • Healthy skin & reduced irritation with a glossy & even coat
  • Better digestion leading to solid, healthy stools & reduced odour
  • Increased immunity & resistance
  • Increased metabolic efficiency aiding weight issues

How PetproBio works:
Once PetproBio is in the digestive system it encourages and aids friendly bacteria start to multiply, suppressing growth of unhealthy, undesirable & pathogenic bacteria. Promoting healthy bacteria in the gut greatly reduces the capacity for disease-causing bacteria to flourish. Gradually harmful bacteria will be crowded out as friendly bacteria populate the lining of the bowel where pathogenic bacteria would normally attach & multiply. PetproBio ensures friendly bacteria are given the best chance to compete for common nutrients thereby reducing the chances of unwanted bacteria multiplying.


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